About the author

I'm an avid pinner, impatient reader, determined writer, and currently trying to survive motherhood. I have a strange addiction to Root Beer and Spanish Soaps. I was born in a small town in Northern Nevada where I grew to love and appreciate the written word. If I could I would spend my entire day locked in a closet with a flashlight if that meant I could read a book from start to finish. But lets get serious...

I graduated from BYU-I with a BA Degree in Political Science and a minor in English. Along the way I acquired a pretty amazing husband who has helped me create and realize so many dreams. Who knows how many times he's reminded me that I need to sleep to continue living. I also have a baby boy who fits perfectly with his name Cash. Right now I reside in Canada and besides the rainy month (June) I love it.

I've learned that every single experience that I've had has helped me create and develop my writing. Every single one of my choices has led me to this. I would like to believe that I was 'destined' to be a writer because ever since I can remember I've loved it, but in reality it's something that I have worked really hard for. 

Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy it! 

Crystal C. Johnson


  1. Congratulations on entering the fun and scary world of self publishing! I jumped in with both feet just over 2 years ago and LOVE it. I came across your book as I was checking my ranking on the first book in my series that I keep free and read it in a day. Well done! I loved it! I was pleasantly surprised to see that we both live in Calgary. Anytime you would like to chat or need any tips, feel free to email me.
    Theresa Shaver
    The Stranded Series
    Land, Sea, Home and City Escape

    1. Thank you so much! I greatly appreciate the kind words, and I will definitely take you up on your offer and email you when I have questions!